What we do

Who are we ?

Put in simple terms, BCME Carpets and Rugs manufacture, supply and install carpets and rugs for all situations and demands.

With bespoke rug manufacturing in Dubai, and resources from the UK, to Europe, to Asia and beyond.

Our founder is an award winning architect and designer spanning 30 years of design and implementation experience, and it is with his in-depth knowledge of product and architecture, that BCME has been able to establish itself as a leading design, manufacturing and supply company here in the UAE and beyond.

Andrew Bannister is a well known architectural designer with over thirty years of hands on experience, over 12 of those years here in Dubai.  He is multi-awarded from the UK, published by Sterling of New York, occasional Tv and Radio appearances in UK and an authority on design for all aspects of the home... structure through to finishing details... but most importantly, Andrew will design the villa, your home, the way you want it to be... as you want, or as you inspire him to make it !  And THAT... goes for carpets and rugs too...